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Profit Sharing

Branch profits are shared with the employees every quarter. You make it happen so you deserve your share of the reward. Every person you recruit to the business adds profit, so you earn a piece of the profit they contribute. And it does not stop there. You will also be paid a percentage of the profit that your recruit's recruits generate.  This multi level profit sharing creates unrivaled collaboration between all employees and rewards you handsomely for attracting high caliber folks to join ITkingsman.

Corporate Culture

We believe that a great corporate culture that  truly values its employees, its clients, and its candidates as wonderful human beings that can improve the world around them will make us the most successful staffing firm on earth.


Our mission is to connect clients with exceptional candidates and to coach candidates to make the best career moves.


With this philosophy and this mission we:


  1. Take great pride in our work

  2. Are driven to succeed

  3. Are highly valued by our clients, candidates, and employees

  4. Are rewarded handsomely for our endeavors

ITkingsman is revolutionizing talent search with a new business model that aligns every employee's interest with our clients' needs. We develop deep relationships with  our candidates so we can match them with  the right opportunities.  If you like wasting time looking through resumes, we aren't for you.  Our profit sharing plan and compensation structure is unheard of in this industry.  Our proven strucure means ITkingsman is not only the best place to work but also the best partner to have. We guarentee your satisfaction!

Highest Sales Commissions in the Industry


ITkingsman attracts highly successful staffing sales people who thrive under a business model that rewards results.  Our partner sales commissions are the highest in the industry.


In essence ITkingsman offers top staffing sales people the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in it's organization. We provide all of the infrastructure to succeed. ITKingsman has a significantly better upside potential and requires no down payment investment. 

Recruiter Pipeline Annuity

Not only can you earn growth profits by recruiting sales partners to the firm, but you also can earn commissions on all contract and permanent staff members that you recruit to ITKingsman. Every person who joins ITkingsman team is associated with a sponsor.  As a sponsor you can earn a  commission every time your referals are placed on any assignment.  

A Revolutionary Business Model 

Our business model is proven and has no equals in the staffing industry....... Read more here.

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