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Talent Recruitment

Talent Contracting

Offshore Staffing

Permanent Placement​             

FInding the perfect candidate is not easy unless you have the best tools and a dedicated team that specializes in finding IT staff. ITKingsman has just that. Our team of expert recruiters and client account managers are some of the industry's best.


At ITKingsman we know how important the right fit is to your success.  We have a vested interested in your business and are certain we can find the right candidate.  To prove it we give you a 90 day guarantee. If your new hire leaves, we will fill the position again for free.


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Contract Services​


Many of our clients today prefer contract IT staff so they  can advance in the latest technology and stay flexible with their headcount.  If this sounds like you, then we offer exactly what you need. ITKingsman contract employees are highly trained and ready to fill your staffing requirements.  If they are not presently on our bench, we will find them for you and ensure that you get the perfect skill set and culture fit.


We like to say, " Contract our experts and you get a team!" Our bench covers: Content Management, E-commerce, Analytics, ERP, CMS, Mobility, Cloud Services, Security, and so much more. 


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Offshore Expertise


Twelve years before starting ITKingsman, we launched an IT development division in India.  Growing this company from scratch to almost 200 people has made us experts in hiring the right people. Of course we learned along the way, and now we are perfectly situated to help you find great talent at competitive rates just like we have done.


ITKingsman's offshore teams are trained in working with western clients and are ready to take on big challenges and help your organization be competitive worldwide.


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